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News Release Review

The news release I looked at was from the Denver Broncos. The release was about Rod Smith, long time Denver Wide Receiver, entering the Ring of Fame. Some positives of the release were they got to the point quick. It had the five Ws only in the first two paragraphs and also had some great … Continue reading

Blog Review

I’m not the biggest follower of any blogs but if there is one I enjoy checking out on occasion is the AFC West blog on espn.com. I am a Denver Broncos fan so I enjoy getting inside information on them and the other teams in the division that they have to play twice a year. … Continue reading

Website Review

Espn.com in my opinion has the best sports website. Not only have they paved the way on TV but also most sports websites are mimicking their overall scheme. They keep their most important information on the top of the page and keep scrolling to a minimum. Also they have links to the most popular sports … Continue reading