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Website Review

Espn.com in my opinion has the best sports website. Not only have they paved the way on TV but also most sports websites are mimicking their overall scheme. They keep their most important information on the top of the page and keep scrolling to a minimum. Also they have links to the most popular sports at the top and easy to find.

One thing I enjoy is if you are more than the average sports fan they offer more interesting stories and additional interactive options at the bottom of each page.  For the person just trying to check the scores it is quick and easy to find. Someone like me on the other hand who likes to participate in polls get insider information this is offered if you are willing to look a little bit.

If you go to foxsports.com or cbssports.com you will see the generally the same page mock-up of ESPN. If I had one complaint (if you consider this a complaint) it would be most of ESPN’s better writers are NFL based. If you go to other sports the writing won’t be as well written, but NFL is the most popular league/sport.



About wake up swingin

I am a huge sports fan, if I'm not checking espn.com five times a day it's because I'm at home watching Sportscenter. Things I love to do on my free time are working out, hunting/shooting, working on my car, and playing video games. Disclosure- I attend school at Oklahoma State University and I am a Sports Media and Strategic Communication major. I work for Benchmark Food Group at the Kappa Alpha Theta house.


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