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I’m not the biggest follower of any blogs but if there is one I enjoy checking out on occasion is the AFC West blog on espn.com. I am a Denver Broncos fan so I enjoy getting inside information on them and the other teams in the division that they have to play twice a year. Bill Williamson is the main blogger on the page who does an excellent job covering all four teams. He has worked at many newspapers including the Denver Post which makes him credible in my opinion.

Some of the positives of the blog are they give up to date injury reports even for the less popular players.  This is beneficial for looking ahead to the game that weekend and for serious fantasy football players.  They have all the posts listed in order which is normal for a blog but if you are looking for your specific team they have links on the side and it will only show posts for them. The bloggers also post quick information on what game so they will be covering that week so draw you into coming back to the page the next day.

If I had any negative I would say the page is a hard to find. Every once in awhile they will have it on the bottom of the main page but most of the time I have to use the search to get to it.  For the Internet generation now this is a hassle and they won’t take the time to use the search.



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I am a huge sports fan, if I'm not checking espn.com five times a day it's because I'm at home watching Sportscenter. Things I love to do on my free time are working out, hunting/shooting, working on my car, and playing video games. Disclosure- I attend school at Oklahoma State University and I am a Sports Media and Strategic Communication major. I work for Benchmark Food Group at the Kappa Alpha Theta house.


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