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Advertisement Review

I looked at ESPN’s website for an advertisement and I actually came by a few that I found interesting. I didn’t want to just review one of them because I wanted to know who all advertises towards sports fans. They seemed to be pretty stereotypical, beer, cars, and ticket distributers were the first three I … Continue reading

Feature Story Review

I read a feature story about Jeff Driskel, starting quarterback for the Florida Gators, written by Scott Carter. Carter is the lead writer for gatorzone.com and I have always been a big fan of his work. Even though he writes specifically for the team he isn’t afraid to call someone out who isn’t doing their … Continue reading

Media Kit Review

I looked at the Denver Broncos online media kit.  I was impressed with the overall style and information that they put in the kit. They included information from press releases they had sent out including the one from my previous blog post. One of the positives of the media kit were on each tab they included a … Continue reading