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Media Kit Review

I looked at the Denver Broncos online media kit.  I was impressed with the overall style and information that they put in the kit. They included information from press releases they had sent out including the one from my previous blog post.

One of the positives of the media kit were on each tab they included a picture of a player instead of being text heavy. This made readers more likely to click instead of being afraid of a long boring page of information. It also downloaded into a PDF file which was easy to navigate around in. They also did a good job with knowing there target audience. They had key information on last year games, records, and statistics which is exactly what a diehard fan wants.

I didn’t have any negatives but if I had to say anything it would be the PDF file was large. If you were on a slower computer it might not download at all, or take a long time. My computer is brand new and it almost took a full minute. This is important with the “we want it now” society we live in.


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I am a huge sports fan, if I'm not checking espn.com five times a day it's because I'm at home watching Sportscenter. Things I love to do on my free time are working out, hunting/shooting, working on my car, and playing video games. Disclosure- I attend school at Oklahoma State University and I am a Sports Media and Strategic Communication major. I work for Benchmark Food Group at the Kappa Alpha Theta house.


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