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Feature Story Review

I read a feature story about Jeff Driskel, starting quarterback for the Florida Gators, written by Scott Carter. Carter is the lead writer for gatorzone.com and I have always been a big fan of his work. Even though he writes specifically for the team he isn’t afraid to call someone out who isn’t doing their job. He also uses multiple sources for his stories instead of writing a whole column based off his opinion alone.

I enjoyed this story, (I am a HUGE Florida Gators fan) because he covered all different aspects of Driskel’s life. It wasn’t just about how well he has been playing this season but about his high school days and playing baseball overseas when he was younger. When he mentioned how well he was playing he didn’t just give his opinion but he also gave examples of ESPN’s lead college football analyst.  Carter also interviewed Driskel’s high school. After reading this story I liked Driskel as a person instead of just a football player which is what a feature story should ultimately do. It took me a little over five minutes to read which is a good length for a feature story. I didn’t find myself getting bored at anytime during the story.

I didn’t have a negative on this story. I know everyone isn’t a Florida fan but I feel this story was so well written that in shouldn’t be only available on the Florida website. I will continue to read Scott Carter’s stories as I always have.



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