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Advertisement Review

I looked at ESPN’s website for an advertisement and I actually came by a few that I found interesting. I didn’t want to just review one of them because I wanted to know who all advertises towards sports fans. They seemed to be pretty stereotypical, beer, cars, and ticket distributers were the first three I reviewed.

ESPN surely charges a steep price for the home page advertisement because as soon as you opened the page the ad expands and almost forces you to look at it. Today in that spot was a Miller Light ad. It was pretty simple with a draft being poured into a glass with words flashing across the screen saying “It’s Miller Times.” Wasn’t the most interesting ad but was for sure eye catching on the home page and did a great job finding their target market.

The second ad was for StubHub. I find their new ads to be brilliant. It is a ticket oak tree that talks and hands out tickets to the owner’s buddies. This advertisement was on the NFL link of the ESPN website so I’m sure the price for the ad wasn’t as expensive but this was definitely an eye catching ad. Before this ad if I was searching for tickets I would have just Googled “tickets,” now this gives me a reason to use StubHub.

The third ad was for Kia, and to be honest it was boring. I don’t remember off the top of my head what vehicle they were advertising I can just tell you it was an SUV. It was pretty generic, it had a picture of the car with a slogan and that was about it. It was on the college football portion of the site and didn’t have the expantion effect that the other two ads had. Overall the Kia ad was boring.



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I am a huge sports fan, if I'm not checking espn.com five times a day it's because I'm at home watching Sportscenter. Things I love to do on my free time are working out, hunting/shooting, working on my car, and playing video games. Disclosure- I attend school at Oklahoma State University and I am a Sports Media and Strategic Communication major. I work for Benchmark Food Group at the Kappa Alpha Theta house.


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